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About us

Modevsa, which works and produces with an approach that attaches importance to corporate culture, is determined, innovative, holistic, constantly supports, and also shares success, has been continuing to grow steadily since 2009. Modevsa Halı, which bases its success on trust and qualified workforce, continues to make a difference in the sector with its policies that do not compromise both human resources and quality. We are very strong in meeting the talpers of the customer, which we have made a long way in a short time, we are thinking of moving forward with our quality ethics and understanding in the domestic market in Turkey, we continue to export to 17 countries. We continue with our entire team to continue our brand in our market, whose goals are to export Turkey's economy. Modevsa, which has managed to become a pioneer in every sector in which it operates with its qualified and strong experience from the past, has positioned its portfolio in sectors with high growth potential. It has adopted 'sustainable growth', 'efficiency' and 'stability' as the basic concepts that guide its activities and business development strategies.

Modevsa carries out its activities as one of the leading organizations in Turkey in the mission of "unity of power" with its self-confidence, strong equity, competence to benefit from advanced technology, international experience, intellectual accumulation and achievements achieved by adopting moral values in universal standards.